Tom Cantwell was born in the Bronx and raised in South Florida. He holds an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University. Tom began writing fiction as an undergraduate at Florida State University. His first novel, The Seminole and the Slave, won Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards. Tom’s fiction has appeared in American Literary Review, Cirque, Flyway, Juked, The Massachusetts Review, Newfound, New Ohio Review, Weber-The Contemporary West, Whitefish Review, and Wisconsin Review. He lives with his wife and two children in Eugene, Oregon, where he is at work on a novel.

“Cantwell’s narrative prose is excellent, and he has a gift for drawing characters that are almost immediately compelling and that become more and more intriguing as their stories develop.”

~ David Huddle, author of The Faulkes Chronicle 


Contact: cantwellbooks@comcast.net


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